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Tommy Motswai

Studying by Lamplight

Studying by Lamplight

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In Studying by Lamplight, we see a trio of students concentrating hard as they study for their matric exams by lamplight. They are there because their teachers are on strike for higher pay, they are working by lamplight because Eskom is “load shedding”. These students are determined to get their matrics in order to get, as Tommy wrote, "dream vision mission University.” An image that is ultimately positive as the students are committed to overcoming the hurdles thrown at them by their educators and government.

Below is the full text that Tommy Motswai wrote regarding the print. Motswai is deaf, hence the unusual syntax of the writing.

“Studying by Lamplight”

1) Problem before past South Africa. Teachers strikers in nation show the South African government they wanted high money own! But students stand why, students go to home. Studying calm, learn hard home on maths business for the test matric full time.
2) Studying dream vision mission University future. Test matric, they wanted pass matric luck!

3) Problem SA electricity off other days times in weather.

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