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Simon Attwood



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Title: Skinner
Medium: Five colour lithograph
Paper size: 43 x 29.8 cm
Image size: 35 x 25.5
Edition size: 25

"Skinner is a metaphorical self-portrait. Outside of making artworks, I often spend time scavenging and collecting the remains of dead creatures. These remains are precious to me and are symbolically significant because they previously held the life and consciousness of another being. Some of the bodies that I find are fresh, casualties of snares left by poachers or of collisions with reckless drivers. In these cases I often peel off the pelt and preserve it in an act of tribute to the beast that once occupied it. In this print I look at the act of skinning both literally and metaphorically as a way of forming my identity and of paying a visceral tribute to the past." Simon Attwood, 2020

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