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Simon Attwood



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Artist: Simon Attwood
Title: Scurry

Medium: Single colour linocut
Paper size: 57 x 76 cm
Edition size: 25

"Scurry is an extension of my previous linocuts, Spotted and Constellation. As part of my degree, I have been studying rock paintings in Mpumalanga. During the pandemic, I visited a rock art site with my mother. Upon entering the shelter she asked me if we would run into any porcupines and I reassured her we would not, considering that I have never seen them on foot. Moments later a mother porcupine and its offspring came scurrying out from a tunnel under the rock. Fortunately, they ducked back into another burrow instead of picking a fight with us. This linocut is a meditation on that experience. There is so much we think we know, but often what we think will happen is not very accurate. The porcupine embodies this. With putting camera traps up on our property some unexpected visitors included a pair of porcupines. The image that this linocut is based on was taken with a camera trap in the reedbed of a river near where I live."  Simon Attwood, 2021

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