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Nina Torr

Same as it ever was

Same as it ever was

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Title: Same as it ever was
Medium: Seven colour lithograph
Paper size: 59.8 x 34 cm (with hand cut curved top and angled bottom)
Edition size: 25

"In this series, I try to make sense of histories beyond my own recollection and understanding through a series of personal creation myths. The environments act as metaphors for mental landscapes and the characters navigate and explore these spaces in an attempt to make sense of their surroundings and experiences." Nina Torr

Torr’s work explores subverted spaces inhabited by characters pursuing a journey of sorts. Her characters insinuate narratives that are suggested, yet remain open-ended. The viewer as such becomes a participant in concluding these narratives by engaging with them on a personal level. The titles for these prints are taken from songs by Bob Dylan and The Talking Heads. These are combined with imagery that pays tribute to miniatures, illuminated manuscripts and early explorers journals.

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