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Dumisani Mabaso

Queen Nandi's Shrine

Queen Nandi's Shrine

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Title: Queen Nandi's Shrine
Medium: Eight colour lithograph
Paper size: 76.5 x 57 cm
Image size: 69 x 50.5 cm
Edition size: 30

Queen Nandi’s Shrine honours King Shaka’s mother. Shaka was the leader who united and founded the Zulu nation with his tactical brilliance and harsh discipline. Queen Nandi was ostracized by Shaka’s fathers’ tribe, his father was a chief and Shaka was conceived out of wedlock. She was a fiercely independent woman and was very protective of her son. She remained close to him and was by his side as he became one of the most powerful leaders of his time. The harp in the center of the print recalls lyricism and calm sounds, attributes that are associated with maternal care. The claw and quill image over the sun is a talisman for protection.

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