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Simon Attwood

Point of Disorder

Point of Disorder

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Title: Point of Disorder
Medium: Eight colour lithograph
Paper size: 64 x 85 cm
Image size: 57 x 77.5
Edition size: 25

"I had several concerns that were at the back of my mind while making the print. These concerns carried on looping back to the idea of morality and limits. "Point of Disorder" alludes to the heavily used phrase 'point of order', words that are issued after a tipping point has been reached in parliamentary meetings. I am more interested in the 'point of disorder' itself, the point at which chaos wins, the point at which the tables turn and a moment in time when the laws of nature take over the laws of humans. I also pose a series of questions with this work: at what point does an action become immoral? Where is the line drawn? Is eating meat moral? If yes, is hunting moral? If yes, is hunting to extinction moral? We often draw the lines at questionable places and the lines of this image question those decisions. The choice of the dark-capped bulbul head is symbolically important to me, it is the bird that alarms other birds to the presence of a snake. Growing up, I learnt to be cautious of its racket. The bulbul is symbolic of warning and danger."
Simon Attwood, 2019

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