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Simon Attwood

Poacher's Adversary

Poacher's Adversary

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Title: Poacher's Adversary
Medium: Maniere noir lithograph
Paper size: 39.5 x 48 cm
Edition size: 45

“Trees are an important part of the landscape that I call home. I spend hours exploring the veld and enjoying their presence. Sometimes these hours are interrupted by the discovery of snares set by clandestine poachers. After the snare has killed its catch, the body lies there for hours. During this time vultures and other scavengers can reclaim that which is naturally theirs. The vulture is the poacher's adversary. It can alert authorities to the presence of a poached animal and can also steal back that animal. This print pays tribute to the work of the vulture and the magnificence of its perch, a weathered Marula tree." Simon Attwood, 2019

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