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Erika Hibbert

Guidelines for an Infant - (if awake)

Guidelines for an Infant - (if awake)

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Title: Guidelines for an Infant - (if awake)
Medium: Monotype with chine collé
Size: 50.5 x 33.5 cm
Edition size: 1/1

An offering of a Silene Stenophylla blossom to the infant, represents healing and growth, after even the most severe absence of life-lust.

Guidelines for an Infant

"A pamphlet handed out to new mothers by the South African Department of Health c.1965, offers guidance on how ‘to keep baby healthy and happy’. I am dazed by the matter-of-fact approach that contradicts my own parenting experience. All of the instructions lead to the separating and the letting go, that will ultimately define good mothering." Erika Hibbert, 2018

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