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Jan Tcega

Elephant Grazing V

Elephant Grazing V

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Title: Elephant Grazing V
Medium: Monoprint
Size: 50 x 65 cm
Edition size: 1/1

Jan Tcega joined the Kuru Art Project in January 2005. Before that, he worked as a mechanic in D’Kar (Botswana) and also made wooden carvings and wire figures which he sold to craft buyers.

Jan Tcega is a dedicated artist and specifically enjoys printmaking. The meditative quality and process side of printmaking absorbs him. He gets almost all his inspiration from nature. Tcega has a very precise way of depicting the many animals that he knows so well. Apart from the wild animals of the Kalahari, he also likes to depict domestic animals such as dogs and goats of which there are many in the small village of D’Kar.

These are the first monoprints that Jan Tcega has worked on. Commenting on the process Tcega says: “ I enjoyed it very much. The monoprint technique we use here gives a lot of freedom since I can work very fast and can make changes to one print many times and all comes out well.”

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