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Paul Stopforth

Migration: Double Back

Migration: Double Back

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Title: Migration: Double Back
Medium: Four colour lithograph
Size: 76.5 x 57 cm
Edition size: 30

"Double-vision, double-take, double-mind, double-bind, double-faced, double-tongued and double-edged all describe something about the mental somersaulting that accompanies the life of the immigrant and the exile.

This print constitutes a reflection on living a life with, and between two worlds. Migration: Double-back refers to the often nostalgic recollections of the past lived in another country. Switching backwards and forward between two histories, two geographies and two autobiographies sometimes exhilarated by the richness of the experience and at other times filled with longing for what is no longer "home."

"You learn, if you're lucky, the chameleon art of adaptation, and how to modulate your laughter. You learn to use your lips properly. Henceforth you are at home nowhere, and by that token everywhere.' Breyten Breytenbach, ' The Exile as African." Paul Stopforth

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