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Simon Attwood



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Medium: Single colour chine collé linocut
Paper size: 39.5 x 57 cm
Image size: 30 x 47.6
Edition size: 20

"Bitis is a continuation of a series of linocuts dealing with roadkill in South Africa. The scientific name for a puff adder is Bitis arietans, which is where the title comes from. This specific snake was one I saw hit on the side of the road near Sudwala caves.  Snakes and puffadders in particular are vulnerable as they lack the speed to escape cars hurtling along our roads. People also purposefully aim for them. Despite being lethally venomous they are not a huge threat to people and play an important role in balancing our ecosystems by making sure that populations of rodents and other prey do not explode. I have encountered hundreds of snakes in the veld and they always want to keep out of your way rather than attack and bite. They are beautiful creatures and need to be looked after, rather than targeted!" Simon Attwood, 2023


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