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Sue Martin

Beacon of Light X

Beacon of Light X

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Title: Beacon of Light X
Medium: Monotype
Paper size: 77 x 56 cm
Image size: 70 x 50.5 cm
Edition size: 1/1

"In an effort to manage the vast influx of information, I retreat—sometimes mentally, sometimes physically—escaping the city's clamour to immerse myself in the unlimited expanse of nature. 

I capture fleeting glimmers, transforming them into windows of self-reflection. This journey through the landscape mirrors my interaction with reality, reminding me that equilibrium is vital in our complex society. As these methods permeate my artistic approach, they gradually integrate into my engagement with society.

This series represents an exploration of introspection, an abstraction of my subject matter, in order to clarify a sense of stillness amidst the chaos. As Johannesburg's bustle and the global turmoil persist, my work echoes the transformative power of locating calm within upheaval. It serves as a tribute to balance, a visual testament to discovering serenity, ultimately finding harmony with the tumultuous nature of life." Sue Martin, 2023

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