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Mmakgabo Helen Sebidi

After Lobola (Married)

After Lobola (Married)

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Title: After Lobola (Married)
Medium: Nine colour lithograph
Paper size: 105.5 x 75 cm
Image size: 91.5 x 65 cm
Edition size: 35

"The cattle are a way of saying thanks to the ancestors for growing her." In this print the woman’s true nature is only revealed once the couple have married and the lobola has been paid. The snake in her hand (lower right hand side of print) is the woman’s true nature. "The snake is a symbol of danger resulting from her decisions and she has become a dangerous woman. The snake shows the effects of city life. After money and education the woman is earning more than the husband and this creates problems. She is a person who polishes, she is very good at pretending and the snake is her true nature. The woman says I am not going to change. I am who I am." Sebidi continues, "Men also suffer from this loss of respect. Respect has been thrown out of marriage. It is an effect of the city."

In the bottom right hand corner of the print is an animal. "It is an animal holding her dress, trying to prevent her from doing bad stuff. It is a helping animal."  Mmakgabo Helen Sebidi

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